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Announcement of Nominations for IFCC BPIPI Videography Contest 2018


Nominees for the 2018 IFCC Videography Contest



Based on the results of the first stage of assessment/validation of the validity of the Minutes of the nominees of the 2018 Videography Competition – Indonesia Footwear Creative Competition by the Jury which was held on July 31 2018, at the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center

Jury Coordinator

  1. Alexandri Luthfi (FSMR ISI Yogyakarta)

Jury Team :

Jury Team: Assessment is carried out by 3 (three) judges:

  1. Alexandri Luthfi (FSMR ISI Yogyakarta)
  2. Dr. Yuyung Abdi (Jawa Pos)
  3. Takun Arrosid (Filmmaker)


Work Contributors:

  1. Kategori Video Dokumenter : 8 Karya
  2. Kategori Video Profil Usaha dengan Produknya : 9 Karya


From the evaluation stage, the jury determined the names of the nominees as follows:

Video Documenter

  1. VD00006 - Proses Pembuatan Sepatu FYC Footwear | karya : Rahmat Kurniadi R.
  2. VD00009 - Proud The Local Identity | karya : Ardi Maulana Yusuf
  3. VD00010 - Footwear Making: Special footwear from South Jakarta | karya : Yunior Dharma
  4. VD00012 - Creative - How To Make a Pair of Shoe by Tidar and Tito | Karya : Tidar Aditya S.
  5. VD00015 - T O D O Shoes | karya : EZRA Zefanya S.


Category : Business Profile Video and Product

  1. VP00005 - From The Local Product To Be A Local Heroes | karya : Febriandi Dimas Wara
  2. VP00006 - Rockstone Boots | karya : Muhammad Shidiq
  3. VP00007 - Legacy sebagai warisan yang menembus dunia | karya : Zainal Andy
  4. VP00009 - Sepatu Handmade dan Custom Pernas Shoes | karya : Teuku M Reza F Indra
  5. VP00014 - Tuan Sepatu dari Pulau Dewata | karya : Andi Muhammad Soleh


Thus, this official report is made to be used properly, the decision of the jury is absolute and cannot be complaint.

We, all the committee, congratulate and thank you for your participation in the works in this IFCC Videography competition.

Sidoarjo, 31  Juli  2018

Alexandri Luthfi 

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