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The Performance Document presents performance data and information periodically according to a specified schedule. Meanwhile, the Government Agency Performance Accountability Report (LAKIP) is an agency performance accountability document for the strategic plans and annual plans that it has prepared. LAKIP itself is part of the Government Agency Performance Accountability System or SAKIP.

Laporan Kinerja Triwulan

Budget Implementation List (DIPA) Is a budget implementation document made by the Minister/Head of Institutions and ratified by the Director-General of Treasury on behalf of the Minister of Finance and serves as the basis for taking actions that result in state expenditures and disbursement of funds at the expense of the State Budget as well as supporting documents for accounting activities. government


Work Plan (Renja) BPIPI Sidoarjo

A work plan (renja) is an SKPD planning document for 1 (one) year that contains development policies, programs, and activities, both those implemented directly by the regional government and those carried out by the community.

Work Plan and Budget of State Ministries/Agencies (RKA-KL)

RKA-KL is a planning and budgeting document that contains programs and activities of a state ministry/institution, which is the elaboration of the Government Work Plan and Strategic Plan of the relevant State Ministries/Institutions in one fiscal year and the budget required to implement them.

BMN report is one part of the administrative control over BMN to support the realization of orderly BMN management, so that the implementation of BMN management can be carried out according to functional principles, legal capacity, transparency/openness, efficiency, accountability, and value certainty.