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North Sumatra Footwear SMEs participates in the “E-Smart” Training

As many as 20 small and medium industry players from North Sumatra participated in the "e-smart" training organized by the Directorate General of Small and Medium Industries and the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center (BPIPI), in collaboration with the North Sumatra Province Industry and Trade Office and Shopee Indonesia on July 16 until July 18 2018.

This workshop lasts for three days, on the first day, BPIPI will inform the facilities provided to IKM through this program. On the second day continued material on the basics of product photography, product photography practice by Bp. Yuyung Abd. On the third day, participants will be retrained on how to take pictures of products, upload them to the Internet, and how to create their own website by shopee Indonesia.

The benefits of "e-smart" SMEs are expanding market access, getting online promotions, reducing promotion and marketing costs, getting government guidance, facilitating access to raw materials, restructuring, people's business loans, the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI), design improvements, quality improvements , promotion of foreign networks at home and abroad, as well as facilitation of standardization.

This program has a digital infrastructure design with the backbone of the Palapa Ring, BRI Satellite, and PLN. Through this program, the Ministry of Industry will facilitate IKM players to collaborate with e-commerce in the country such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, and Blibli.

The targets of the IKM sector developed through the e-smart program include cosmetics, metals, handicrafts, fashion, food and beverages, jewelry, leather products, furniture, herbs, components, textiles, machinery, cement, fertilizers, and electronics.


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