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BPIPI deserves appreciation as the only UPT under the Directorate General of IKMA in achieving the WBBM predicate in 2021. The Directorate General of IKMA continues to encourage organizational commitment to integrity and professionalism to provide the best service and continuous innovation. With excellent service, BPIPI continues to contribute to strengthening the national footwear IKM ecosystem, integrated assistance, strengthening partnerships, collaboration, and export potential IKM. The themes of innovation and governance today cannot be separated and will be interrelated. Likewise, public services cannot be separated from the quality of services and policies. Community-oriented policies are expected to improve services to facilitate national footwear SMEs. Realizing the Integrity Zone is a pride as well as a predicate given to work units within the Ministry of Industry as an effort to implement the Shoes Industry Development Center (BPIPI) as a Corruption-Free Area (WBK) and a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (WBBM).

The sustainability of the implementation of Bureaucratic Reform BPIPI has a vital role in realizing BPIPI that is professional and with integrity according to community expectations and the results that have been achieved from the previous implementation of Bureaucratic Reform are the basis for the implementation and evaluation of the 2020-2025 Bureaucratic Reform program as outlined in the Blueprint (Road Map)Road MapBureaucratic Reform. Therefore, the implementation of Bureaucratic Reform at BPIPI reinforces the previous performance of Bureaucratic Reform. In 2022, BPIPI again launched the Bureaucratic Reform program to realize the expectations of the community and stakeholders to become a more trusted BPIPI, which provides excellent service zero complain and makes BPIPI superior and professional. With the motto SALAM SEPATU Semangat – Cepat – Jitu BPIPI aspires to be a public service organization with continuous innovation, simple administration and bureaucracy, fast, precise, accountable, informative, accurate, reliable and accessible operations and services. This is solely to realize the acceleration of the national bureaucratic reform program to realizegood & clean governance).

The task formulation of the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center (BPIPI) is to carry out product development, creativity, promotion, entrepreneurial growth, and development as well as partner relationships in the context of increasing the competitiveness of small and medium footwear industries based on the advantages of regional resource potential, having an impact on strengthening the broader ecosystem of the footwear industry. Then BPIPI supports the duties and functions of the Directorate General of IKMA. With the formulation of these tasks, BPIPI has the consequence of carrying out the function of implementing product development, increasing creativity; implementation of market information assistance, promotion, and marketing; implementation of strengthening industry 4.0; implementation of entrepreneurial growth and development; implementation of institutional capacity building; implementation of development, strengthening linkages, and partnership relationships, so that it is expected to encourage footwear SMEs to export.

BPIPI will focus on optimizing the entrepreneurial potential of IKM and footwear IKM centers to produce better products (service, safety, quality, cost, delivery and morale), Improve entrepreneurial skills, the ability to take advantage of the development of information and more significant market opportunities, and access to industrial value chains become more accessible so that IKM entrepreneurs and footwear IKM centers are superior and strengthen linkages and partnerships between small and medium industries, small industries and large industries, and medium industries with large industries, as well as small and medium industries footwear with other economic sectors. With this focus, the role of small and medium industries in the footwear industry ecosystem is getting stronger, one of which is supporting large industries.

BPIPI's key role in strengthening footwear IKM partnerships lies in the integrated mentoring and collaboration facilitation functions with business networks in the national footwear industry value chain, including collaboration with academics. Starting from product development, increasing creativity, growing and developing entrepreneurship and IKM centers, including the younger generation to be interested in the potential of the footwear industry, market information assistance, promotion, and marketing through digitalization/ e-businessstrengthening industry 4.0, and strengthening industrial, institutional capacity. Small and medium-sized footwear industry. This key role will continue to be encouraged by BPIPI to produce footwear IKMs with greater business capacity(scale-up)so that footwear IKMs can advance to class, and more and more new entrepreneurs will grow in the footwear sector as well as IKMs capable of exporting.

In the future, BPIPI has launched a Bureaucratic Reform program to realize people's expectations of becoming a trusted organization, providing excellent service, zero complain, making BPIPI superior, globally competitive, and professional in the fields of Human Resources, administration, operations, and services that are fast, precise, accurate. , transparent, accountable, informative, and easily accessible. This is in line with the National Bureaucratic Reform program in realizing good governance and clean government. good governance  and  clean government.

Salam Sepatu – Semangat Cepat Jitu.