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Digital transformation and innovation are important during a pandemic. The shift in industrial and consumer behavior has a significant impact on changes in the industry, especially footwear. The digital acceleration agenda, business transformation, and phenomena that emerged during the pandemic provided new opportunities and challenges in the footwear industry, one of which was the spirit of collaboration.

The changes and the pandemic phenomenon have pushed the industry, especially the footwear sector, to make several adjustments, including building a digital platform together. The rapid development of digital platforms is driven by changes in market or consumer behavior that tend to be low mobility, less crowd, and low touch. low mobility, less crowd and low touch.

The footwear industry, especially SMEs, is a sector withhigh mobilityand high physical contact..During the pandemic, footwear SMEs must reduce their manufacturing mobility so that the risk of the pandemic can be controlled and production continues. Interaction with consumers during the pandemic has changed drastically. Footwear SMEs must develop alternative features for consumers to interact with through available digital platforms.

One important phenomenon that is currently getting stronger is the spirit of collaboration. The disruption of global supply chain in the first year of the pandemic had an impact on the growth of the local industrial value chain ecosystem, so that dependence on imported materials can be reduced by providing mutual support among industry players to continue producing.

The emergence of optimism during the pandemic and the spirit of localism in the local brand community gave new hope for the rise of the national footwear industry. This optimism and enthusiasm are presented by BPIPI in the #IndonesiaMelangkah movements as a form of Commitment to Love and Togetherness in supporting the work of the nation's children.

The performance of the footwear industry in 2021 during the pandemic should be appreciated because it is still able to survive. The growth of the footwear industry in semester 1 of 2021 increased by 2.4% compared to the same period in 2020 which was still minus 4.5%. The contribution of the footwear industry to GDP in semester 1 of 2021 also showed a positive number at Rp. 13.8 trillion compared to the same period in 2020 of Rp. 13.5 trillion.

BPIPI was present with Pakuwon Mall Surabaya to collaborate in an exhibition with the theme HYPEBEAST NATION featuring Indonesian pride products. Various interesting activities from Street Fashion Performances, Demos and Talk shows, Makers Talks to Workshops will provide a lot of inspiration for the community so that the spirit of localism maintains the quality of business sustainability products.

HYPEBEAST NATION 2021 – BPIPI X Pakuwon Mall Surabaya is the second collaboration featuring creative actors in the footwear industry. With the spirit of #IndonesiaMelangkah, HYPEBEAST NATION 2021 is expected to be one of the platforms for proving local footwear brands to show their existence during the pandemic as well as displaying ideas, inspiration, and spreading the spirit of togetherness and love for the footwear industry and creative players in Indonesia to collaborate to face the crisis. during a pandemic. By involving industry players and local footwear brands, the spirit of #IndonesiaMelangkah is a movement with the national footwear industry to work hand in hand with the community to love, buy and use local products that are the pride of the country's children.

The spirit of #Indonesiamelangkah is a form of commitment, a form of love and togetherness which is also the theme of HYPEBEAST NATION 2021. The commitment of the footwear industry players to stay afloat and keep the economy moving. The passion of the footwear industry players expresses and dedicate their life and time to love their profession. And together we face the pandemic by giving each other encouragement and strengthening to face the crisis.


Through the HYPEBEAST NATION 2021 activity, BPIPI's role is very important in providing market information assistance, promotion, and marketing facilities to the national footwear industry. Through this program, footwear IKMs can expand access to marketing by increasing the quality of their production (scale out) and have bigger and stronger business capabilities ((scale-up)so that more footwear SMIs can advance to class.

HYPEBEAST NATION 2021 is supported by several important BPIPI partners, one of which is the footwear Technology Business Incubator (IBT) tenant program in 2021, namely,  @stewardmargrave, @panna.footwear, @artalouwee and @dfflfootwear and several other local brands. Held for 10 days, HYPEBEAST NATION will be filled with various inspiring events, including workshops, collaborations, talk shows, street fashion performances to makers stalk. 

In the future, the domestic market opportunity is still wide open. With a footwear industry of more than 18,657 business units (including small, medium, and large industries) and absorption of 247,843 people, the opportunity to increase industrial value-added through market information, promotion, and marketing programs is expected to increase export-oriented production capabilities while increasing consumption. Domestic. Thank You

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