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25 - 26 April 2022, presentations and interviews of business ideas with prospective IBT BPIPI tenants were conducted. You must be curious, who will qualify as IBT BPIPI 2022 tenant? The following is the announcement of the tenants who passed and the average rating. Congratulations for those who qualify to become IBT tenants! What is certain is that all the proposals we received were good, so we too need to consider carefully.

Don't despair, friends who have not passed, the quota for IBT tenants is limited every year but BPIPI has various other programs that you can try, you know, of course the opportunity is still very open. For all participants who have attended IBT presentations, we will try our best to continue to help our friends to maximize the potential of their existing ideas and businesses.
Stay tuned for BPIPI information, programs and services. 😉👌