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Creating an Online Business

A former journalist that now turns to be a Business Development Manager to Shoesmart.
Feb 27 ·

Creating an Online Business

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On Friday, February 21, 2020, Shoesmart was invited by the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center (BPIPI) in a sharing session with the theme 'Creating an Online Business'. This sharing session is a series of events for Upper Footwear Sewing Technical Guidance and Technical Guidance for Making Leather Products which BPIPI regularly holds.

 The training participants came from various regions in Indonesia. They were enthusiastic about participating in the sharing session delivered by the Shoesmart team. 

Around 60 participants attended the event in BPIPI's multi-purpose room, Tanggulangin-Sidoarjo. They came from various corners of the archipelago, based on BPIPI's selection based on administrative completeness and their respective works. "This is a regular event that we always hold. The goal is to facilitate MSME actors who want to improve their skills and knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship, especially in the footwear sector," said Ruruh Satriyo Utomo, Head of the Education and Training Section of BPIPI. He added that each BPIPI training has a different format. Some are paid, involving administrative selection and selection of works. "If it's paid, of course it doesn't involve any selection," added Ruruh.

Rizka Chika, The Business Development Manager of Shoesmart, revealed facts about e-commerce in Indonesia. 


The sharing session was opened by Rizka Chika, Business Development Manager of Shoesmart, through a presentation on E-Commerce in Indonesia. He explained that the rapid growth of e-commerce in Indonesia is not comparable to the number of local products being sold. "Of the 59.2 million online business players, only 9% are SMEs. Local products sold in e-commerce only reach 10%. This is certainly sad," said Rizka. According to him, the gap between the progress of Indonesia's digital economy and the existence of local products leaves a big homework for MSME players to be bolder in selling their products online.

According to Andrew Tanuwijaya, Director of Shoesmart, online and offline platforms should work together to build a good business ecosystem. 


After that, the topic of 'Creating an Online Business' was presented by Andrew Tanuwijaya, Director of Shoesmart. He emphasized the importance of marketing products online through websites and social media such as Instagram and YouTube. "What is equally important is to market your product by soft selling. It can be through interesting content with good storytelling," said Andrew. For him, even though the digital world is currently growing, offline platforms should not be abandoned. "Online and offline platforms should not compete with each other. Both must synergize to build a good business ecosystem," he added.

Arda, Shoesmart Relationship Manager, invites participants to join Shoesmart is an effort to optimize the potential of local products in the Indonesian e-commerce world. 

The last topic about how to join Shoesmart was conveyed by Arda, the Relationship Manager of Shoesmart. To the participants, most of whom already have their own shoe products, Arda explained how to register and do it, which is very easy and practical. "To join Shoesmart, you don't need to pay anything. We don't even charge the seller a commission margin," he said. At the end of the event, Arda also invited the participants to join Shoesmart as an effort to jointly advance the world of shoes and the potential of MSMEs in Indonesia. 

Jatu, one of the trainees, asked how to create good content to increase online sales. 

The sharing session was even more exciting with a question-and-answer session. Five participants were very enthusiastic about asking about the ins and outs of online business. The enthusiasm and optimism on their faces is clear to selling their products online. The event then ended with a group photo. All the participants from various regions in Indonesia mingled with the Shoesmart team and then posed with joy.  

The questioners are with Andrew Tanuwijaya. They received souvenirs from Shoesmart, handed over directly by Andrew Tanuwijaya. 

Andrew Tanuwijaya with Mrs. Lilih, one of the training participants who already has their own shoe product. 

Lilih's knitted shoes. Its unique and creative design caught the attention of the participants and the Shoesmart team. 

One of the participants shared a story with Andrew Tanuwijaya.

At the end of the event, all participants took pictures with Andrew Tanuwijaya and the Shoesmart team. 

Terima kasih BPIPI, atas kesempatan yang telah diberikan kepada Shoesmart. Sampai jumpa di kolaborasi berikutnya!

Teks: Rizka Chika
Foto: Moka, Richard, Fansisca (Tim Desain Shoesmart)


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