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Tasks and Functions

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number : 103/M-IND/PER/12/2008 about the Organization and Work Procedure of the Ministry of Industry, Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center has the task of carrying out education, training activities, design development and consulting services in the shoe sector.

In carrying out the assignment referred to, BPIPI performs functions:.

  • Preparation of plans, programs and implementation of education and training in the footwear sector;
  • Implementing technical guidance services for shoe production and shoe management;
  • Implementation of design development in the field of shoes;
  • Shoe technology information services;
  • Implementation of staffing affairs, finances, inventory of state property, correspondence, equipment, archives, by-laws, coordination of the preparation of planning and program materials, preparation of evaluation and reporting materials, and management of the BPIPI library.