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FP-UMKM Appreciates Deputy Governor for Supporting Local Shoes Kotama The North Sumatra Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Empowerment Forum (FP-UMKM North Sumatra) appreciated the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra (Vice Governor), Musa Rajekshah. He supported the production of locally made shoes, Kotama. The Deputy Governor also invited the public to use the shoes made in Medan.

The head of the North Sumatran FP-UMKM, Azri SMAK SE, said that the Deputy Governor said this when he received the North Sumatran FP-UMKM in his office last week.

Azri said, on that occasion, the Deputy Governor, Musa Rajekshah (Ijeck), accompanied by the Assistant for the Economy of the North Sumatra Provincial Government (Pemprovsu), Ir Arif Nugroho; and Head of the Asset and Economic Equipment Agency, Ismail Sinaga. Meanwhile, Azri was accompanied by Muhammad Khair.

Azri said the Deputy Governor praised Kotama's shoes, both quality and model. "He is proud of the persistence and toughness and the creativity and innovation of Kotama shoes. The Deputy Governor also fully supports and hopes that regional employees and students use Kotama shoes," said Azri in a written statement Tuesday (10/3/2020).

Musa Rajekshah also recommended that existing schools be visited and introduced to Kotama shoes. Moreover, the payment system can be done in installments, which will greatly relieve the parents of students and make students uniform in terms of school shoes.

On that occasion, Musa Rajekshah also saw various Kotama shoe products, both leather shoes for office and school shoes. The Deputy Governor also received input and explanation from Azri as Chair of the MSME Empowerment Forum, regarding the condition of local MSMEs, especially MSMEs engaged in the shoe segment, both leather shoes and school shoes, which lack full support from the local government, especially in districts/cities.

On the other hand, the flood of imported shoe products coming from China, Vietnam, and other countries threatens the survival of local shoe artisans in Medan, especially in the Sukaramai area, which has gone out of business.

"We only ask that Kotama's shoe products are fully supported by the way our shoes are worn, both by regional employees and teachers and students at schools, for the survival of SMEs and family life and hundreds of local craftsmen in Medan," Azri explained.

Azri also explained that the Kotama shoes have now been built for more than 30 years at PDAM Tirtanadi and 25 years under the guidance of PT Pelindo-I in Medan. "Regarding quality, we are number one for Indonesia, and our shoes have a 1-year guarantee, both tread and others. Especially for Kotama school shoes as a new product whose quality is above the current school shoes, we guarantee that, said Azri.

Azri felt touched and proud of the support and appreciation of the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra, Musa Rajekshah. He had recommended and supported local shoe products from Medan Kotama to be prioritized for use by employees and students in North Sumatra.

"Thank you, Mr. Ijeck, for your support and commitment to the local entrepreneurs of Kotama Shoes, which are the products of shoe craftsmen in Sukaramai Medan," he said.


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