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Hunting Bareng Ex-Dolly Industri Alas Kaki & Couching Clinic on the spot

Hunting with Ex-Dolly Footwear Industry & Coaching Clinic on the spot with Dr. @yuyungabdi, Professional Photographer.

Saturday, March 7, 2020
FREE | Limited Quota
Registration via:
Atrium Marvell City Mall Surabaya

Hunting Technical :
+ Maximum quota of 50 participants
+ Participants bring their photo or video equipment
+ The meeting point is at the Atrium Marvell City Mall, which will then be provided with transportation to the location Hunting
+ Participants must attend a maximum of 10.30 for re-registration
+ Hunting photos/videos will be included in the IFCC competition with a total cash prize of 30 million Rupiah

Hurry up and register because the quota is only 50 people, don't miss this Hunting Together & Coaching Clinic. See you there!

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