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Shoe Making Workshop & Live Shoe Coloring Demo in a Collaboration Event

Alifta Kartiko
BPIPI Design Team
Dec 2017 · 8 min read

BPIPI x Captivate : Collaboration Event to learn about Shoes

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Recently BPIPI collaborated with an event in Surabaya. The event, entitled Captivate, is an event held by young people in Surabaya with four main objectives, namely: Introducing the development of the creative industry to today's society with music and art connoisseurs, As a creative forum to developing their interests and talents of the community, especially in Surabaya, Facilitator for young people to show their abilities, and as a place to return to the 90's era.

This event was held for only one day on December 10, 2017 at Surabaya Town Square. Various communities, markets, workshops, and talk shows collaborate in this event. To embrace the younger generation, BPIPI is also involved in several activities related to the footwear industry.

1. Live Demo : Shoe Coloring

one of prototype BPIPI design development that is being worked on by the Design Team is Shoe Coloring or shoe painting with special techniques. Several international local brand have shown their latest works with this painting technique, for that BPIPI would like to share knowledge about the development of painting techniques on shoes with the wider community. Represented by 2 BPIPI instructors, namely Mr. Cosmas and Mr. Syamsul, BPIPI demonstrated several shoe painting techniques. Basically, painting can be done with the help of a spray tool or manually using a brush, the results will certainly be different. Manual painting requires special techniques with the help of certain tools to produce various coloring effects.

2. Workshop : Basic Shoe Making

In addition to the Live Demo Shoe ColoringBPIPI also opened a Basic Shoe Making workshop class on the same day at 1 pm. In this basic workshop, the material given to participants is making moccasin shoes by introducing basic patterns, machine sewing, manual upper sewing, to insole assembly. This material was created by Mr. Eko, who is an instructor from the Education and Training Team, Mr. Sugeng then completed from the Design Team who served as a teacher at the workshop.

Even though the basic level of this workshop is still challenging to follow because shoemaking requires knowledge and practice. In this workshop with 4.5 - 5 hours, participants are limited to 5-10 participants. The workshop begins with an introduction to the stages of making shoes in general to the Basic Shoe Making workshopmaterial, the participants can also directly consult with the instructor to find out more clearly about shoes.

3. Workshop : Design & Pattern Making

Completing the Basic Shoe Making workshop BPIPI also opened a Design & Pattern Makingworkshop class. The class started at 3 pm and Mr. Eko delivered the material, the material began with tips on making designs which then applied the designs into patterns. Design and patterns are the initial stages before the shoe-making process, knowledge of these two things is very important if you want to explore the world of shoes.

The BPIPI team prepared a complete tools kit for each participant so that they could immediately practice the material taught by Mr. Eko. Due to the limited time, the material presented is also limited, but friends who want to learn more fully, don't worry because friends can come to BPIPI. Various training options at BPIPI can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

4. IFCC 2018 Pop Up Booth

Preparations for the National Competition held by BPIPI, the Indonesia Footwear Creative Competition began to be socialized. Through the Pop Up Booth from event to event, it is hoped that it can be a media for promotion and early socialization to the wider community, especially students.

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