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IFCC Shoe Design 2017 Winner Announcement

Finalis IFCC Lomba Desain Sepatu 2017 (Daftar terlampir)

Based on the results of the second stage of the assessment/validation of the validity of the Minutes of the IFCC 2017 nominees by the Jury, which was held on September 7, 2017, the jury team has conducted a very strict selection and produced nine finalists, three finalists hope and three finalists. Favorite finalist (attached). The Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center congratulates on this success.

The decision of the jury is final.
We thank you for your attention and good cooperation.

Jury Coordinator
Ahmad Kharisma Ramadhan S.Ds

Jury Team :
Jury Team: Assessment is carried out by 3 (three) judges:
1. Ahmad Kharisma Ramadhan S.Ds (ADPII/ PT Brodo Ganesha Indonesia)
2. Waluyo Hadi M.Ds (Akademisi / ITS Surabaya)
5. Koesnanto (Praktisi / PT Karyamitra Budisentosa)

Collect certificates for nominees and prizes for winners, starting on October 26, 2017 at the BPIPI Office Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 15.00 WIB, by attaching your KTP/SIM/Student Card.

Mens Shoes Category
1. FP 03 Rainon Shoes. karya : Kadek Yogi Adi K.
2. FP 04 Elang Jawa. karya : Ginanjar Winarta
3. FP 01 Garuda Sneakers. karya : Binsar Singgih Priandika

Womens shoes category
1. FW 02. Kajang Wedges. karya : Akbar Windanata
2. FW 04. Eksotis Ulos Modernisasi. karya : Ata Nugraha
3. FW 12. Relik Embroidiment of Indonesia. karya : Bhaskara Adi Vishnu

Back to School Category
1. B 02 Archtic Gadang. karya : Anizar Khomary Al Rasyid.
2. B 01 Cak Kumis. karya : Ronggo Warsito
3. B 03 Mozaik Lumping to School. karya : Choirul Anam

Sport Category
1. S 01 Whark Shoes. karya : Fajar Satria Wicaksana W
2. S 05 Tigris. karya : Yodi Aldy Dharmawan
3. S 06 Clog Shoes, karya : Sayyaf Muhammad Nafis

Sidoarjo, 07 September 2017
Ahmad Kharisma Ramadhan S.Ds

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