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Based on the jury results with a strict assessment by the Jury, which was held on 26 June 2021Photography), 3 Juli 2021 (Videography), 10 July 2021 (Footwear Design) openly on the Ministry of Industry's BPIPI Youtube channel. Jury has decided and selected three winners from each competition with proof of the validity of the Judging Minutes for the second stage of the 2021 IFCC Competition.
The assessment criteria are as follows:

Photography and Videography :

  1. Technical,Covering the essential elements of shooting: sharpness, point of view, shooting techniques, and composition.
  2. Concept,covering the elements of ideas or ideas that underlie the birth of a photo/video work. This concept is related to the originality of the work and the delivery of new ideas.
  3. Content,Covering the elements of messages and information implied or expressed in photos/videos in the form of statements, impressions, or expressions of clear, firm, and compelling emotions.
  4. Thematic,Covering elements related to the theme of the competition.

Footwear Design:

  1. Concept & TargetParticipants can describe the concept & determine the user, problem, solution to product design inspiration according to user needs.
  2. Design ExplorationParticipants can display concept exploration such as alternative sketches, representation of design language dari image board and final sketch.
  3. Detail ProductParticipants can display all product looks, material details, and other details if needed.
  4. Market PotentialParticipants can explain how the market potential of the designs was created and get the jury's insights.
  5. Presentasi

Photography Jury Team:

  1. Darwis TriadiProfessional photographer Founder Darwis Triadi School of Photography
  2. Dudi SugandiProfessional photographer Founder Kelas Garasi
  3. Dimas PermanaProfessional photographer Founder Motretsuka Indonesia

Videography Jury Team:

  1. Alex Luthfi R., Lecturer FSMR ISI Yogyakarta, Saung Banon Arts
  2. Jovian Fraaije, Film Director & Editor
  3. Yugi Sugondo, Videography Lecturer at Angin Photoschool & Yugi Class

Tim Juri Desain Alas Kaki :

  1. Isser James, Content Creator
  2. Muhammad Triangga, Co-Founder JSD
  3. Adhi Nugraha, CEO Portee Goods
  4. Gagaswara, adidas Footwear Designer
  5. Rizki Harit Maulana, HKI Expert



1st Winner - Sang Dandelionne

By Surya Bayu P

2nd Winner - Bustong Mules

By Febriyanti Wardhani

3rd Winner - Man Behind the Shoes

By Anom Harya Wicaksana

Consolation Prize Winner - Kembali ke Brand Lokal

By Fikri Ghifari

Consolation Prize Winner - Ventela X Gading Marten

By Rizal Amrulloh

Consolation Prize Winner - Pengrajin Sepatu Melawan Pandemi Covid 19

by Rizal Amrulloh


1st Winner - Keewa Shoes - Sepatu Formal Pria Wanita

By Alisyam


1st Winner - Eltar by Halftoothdesigns

By Gede Arya Daiva Daniswara

2nd Winner - MITAYA

By Daniel Leonardo Messak

3rd Winner - VS BOSSES

By Makhaddir

Fav Winner - SUPERB.

By Syifa Madani