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Staff Tata Usaha

The campaign that continues to be echoed is #BPIPIBerprestasi as a spirit to maintain a commitment to the bureaucratic reform plan and the development of an integrity zone. To prevent and eradicate corruption as mandated by Presidential Instruction Number 5 of 2004 concerning Acceleration of Corruption Eradication and Presidential Instruction Number 17 of 2011 concerning Actions for Prevention and Eradication of Corruption, it is necessary to build a corruption prevention program that is more efficient, effective and comprehensive, through the development of an Integrity Zone for work units. Public services towards realizing a Corruption Free Area (WBK) and a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Region (WBBM). Building an Integrity Zone towards WBK/WBBM in the environment is a form of commitment to preventing and eradicating corruption and achieving bureaucratic reform and public services.

Currently, BPIPI has re-launched the Bureaucratic Reform program to realize the expectations of the community and stakeholders to become a more trusted BPIPI, which provides excellent service, zero complaints, and makes BPIPI superior and professional. With the motto, SALAM SEPATU Semangat – Cepat – Jitu BPIPI aspires to be a public service organization with continuous innovation, simple administration, and bureaucracy, fast, precise, accountable, informative, accurate, reliable, and accessible operations and services. This is solely to realize the acceleration of the national bureaucratic reform program to realizegood & clean governance).

From 2018 to 2020, BPIPI has declared an integrity zone as a program inherent in every implementation of organizational activities. BPIPI continues to make improvements by implementing the Bureaucratic Reform program in the 2020-2024 period with several areas of change including the fields of culture, institutions, management, Apparatus HR, Supervision, Accountability, Public Service and Apparatus Mind-Set in realizing the BPIPI apparatus that is clean and with integrity in providing services and increase capacity and performance accountability.

The sustainability of the implementation of Bureaucratic Reform BPIPI has a vital role in realizing BPIPI that is professional and with integrity according to community expectations and the results that have been achieved from the previous implementation of Bureaucratic Reform are the basis for implementing and evaluating the 2020-2024 Bureaucratic Reform program as outlined in the BluePrint (Road Map) Bureaucratic Reform. Therefore, implementing Bureaucratic Reform at BPIPI reinforces the previous performance of Bureaucratic Reform.

Until 2021, BPIPI has implemented several important bureaucratic reform agendas. With the achievement of being a public service unit with the predicate of WBK (Corruption-Free Area), BPIPI feels it is important to continue to be consistent and committed to realizing WBBM (Clean Free-Serving Area) as a form of implementing the mandate of bureaucratic reform. In 2021 BPIPI has transformed according to the direction of the Grand Plan for Bureaucratic Reform as a performance-based bureaucracy with 4 (four) main characteristics, such as:

  1. As an effective, efficient, and economical public service unit
  2. As a public service unit that focuses on efforts to realize results ( outcomes )outcome)
  3. As a public service unit that focuses on implementing performance management supported by implementing an electronic-based service system.
  4. As a public service unit, each personnel has a clear and measurable contribution to organizational performance.

Based on the current conditions and the data above, it will be an important consideration for BPIPI to continue innovating services for the national footwear industry. Changes in the dynamics of the macro and micro industries will significantly affect how BPIPI's strategy to provide public services remains in its best performance. BPIPI has launched a Bureaucratic Reform program to realize people's expectations to become a trusted organization, provide complete service, minimally zero complainmake BPIPI superior, globally competitive, and professional in the fields of Human Resources, administration, operations, and services that are fast, precise, accurate, transparent, accountable, informative and easily accessible. This aligns with the National Bureaucratic Reform program in realizing good governance  and  clean government.

Salam Sepatu

Semangat - Cepat - Jitu