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TKDN Acceleration Assistance Program the footwear industry

The TKDN program is not only about e-catalogs and government spending. There are many other benefits of the TKDN program, one of which is the absorption of the domestic industry. If you look at the portion of the 2023 State Budget where goods expenditure and capital expenditure are Rp. 577 trillion of the total Rp. 2.246 trillion can be optimized for the absorption of domestic industrial products.

This is based on the simulation results of the computable general equilibrium (CGE) model, which shows an increase in GDP of 0.94% or equivalent to Rp. 159 trillion. Suppose there is a transaction of domestic products (NOP) worth IDR 72.6 trillion. In that case, the comparison between the transaction value of PDN spending in government procurement and economic benefits is IDR 72.6 trillion: IDR 159.52 trillion, or IDR 1 = IDR 2.2.

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Digitalisasi untuk IKM lebih maju

Digitalisasi untuk IKM lebih maju

SMEs have an important role in the Indonesian economy. The economic growth required by Indonesia to become a middle-income country in 2025 is 7%. The consolidation of the digital ...
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Kiprah 1 Dekade Footwear Forum Indonesia

1 Decade of Work for the Indonesian Footwear Forum

ABOUT FFIDStarted in 2014 in Bandung as part of the Indonesian Footwear Designer community event, Footwear Forum ID or FFID...
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Teknologi AI Sepatu, “An Ally or An Enemy”?

Shoe AI Technology, “An Ally or An Enemy”?

The development of artificial technology, better known as AI, has had a significant impact on various industrial sectors. While not a new technology, AI...
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