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Ekuator, Local Brand with International Taste

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Staff Tata Usaha

Ekuator is a premium shoe brand from Indonesia, which was initiated by the Ministry of Industry and other supporting creative teams. This year has been the fourth year for Ekuator to meet the needs of men to support their appearance.

Ekuator shoes that have undergone a quality test from the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center (BPIPI), are considered a representation of Indonesia and can be the right choice for men with an equatorial spirit.

Even though they offer classic shoes, shoes from Ekuator are timeless shoes that come with contemporary designs. Every Ekuator shoe is designed and crafted beautifully and with precision, with the dedication of the hands of local, Indonesian professional craftsmenship.

Even though Ekuator is a local shoe, the quality of each shoe can be compared to local, even international shoes. This is supported by the construction of the Ekuator shoe which uses a Goodyear welt construction.
The Goodyear welt construction itself is a traditional shoe construction and the most durable compared to other structures. In addition, 80 percent of the raw materials for Ekuator shoes use quality local materials and 20 percent are external raw materials, one of which is shoe soles or soles imported from France.
That's where the comfort and durability of the Ekuator shoe come from. From the raw materials to the fine workmanship, make Ekuator shoes come with different qualities from other local shoes. This makes the Ekuator dubbed as a local shoe of international taste by its wearers.

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