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Social Support Concerning Covid-19



Staff Tata Usaha

The Covid 19 outbreak is increasingly widespread in Indonesia, which has affected people economically because many people have lost their livelihoods, so they have no income. The Indonesian Shoe Industry Development Center (BPIPI) participated by assisting communities affected by Covid-19 in the environment around BPIPI.

Friday, April 24, 2020, the Head of the Footwear Industry Development Center was represented by the Head of the Administration Sub Division, symbolically giving food packages to the community around BPIPI. "Yes, today's BPIPI assistance is part of our commitment to participate in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if it's a little, we hope it will be useful for people affected by Covid-19," said Totok Marjiyanto, Head of BPIPI's Administrative Sub-Section.

Funds collected from donations from BPIPI employees are in the form of cash and needs. Donations in the form of money will be given in 100 basic needs packages. The food packages consist of 3 Kg of Rice, 1 Kg of Sugar, 1 Liter of Cooking Oil, 5 Packs of Instant Noodles, 1 Mask, and 1 Pack of Tea Bags. Residents who will receive helps are residents of Dusun Wates, Godog, pedicab drivers, and sellers.

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