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Release of Retired BPIPI Employees

Teguh Mardjoko, implementing the Administrative Sub-Division at the Indonesian Footwear Industry Empowerment Center (BPIPI), will enter his full-time period or retire on February 1, 2023. The event was opened with remarks by Gratitude Idayati, Head of BPIPI. In his remarks, he thanked Mr. Teguh Mardjoko for his enthusiasm, dedication and dedication while serving at BPIPI, and hoped that this retirement period would be lived happily and happily.

The activity continued with the presentation of souvenirs from all BPIPI employees to Mr Teguh Mardjoko, and employee representatives conveyed messages and impressions to Mr Teguh Mardjoko. At the end of the event, when Mr. Teguh Mardjoko, who has a unique voice, sang a song with all BPIPI staff, the atmosphere was even more lively and touching. Joy also colored, as if shrouding the mist of sadness that had shrouded at the beginning of the event.

Wihdah Himma A