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How to Manage Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Staff Tata Usaha

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are not alone. The expansion mode business development plan suddenly turned into survival mode. As pilots of our own business, we are finally forced to maneuver so that the plane can still fly even in the middle of a storm. Some pilots decide to fly low to stay stable so that passengers feel safe, and some pilots have extreme maneuvers to avoid the storm so they don't fall and even pilots who decide to land and not continue the flight.

The picture above is proof that change is bound to happen, either changes that are predicted to be faced or changes that are not at all known to occur. Like the Covid19 pandemic, it is one of the changes that might be categorized as a change that not all businesses can deal with, including the footwear industry.

Change is a definite formula for every entrepreneur, including how every human being must survive. The COVID-19 pandemic is part of the change, including how this pandemic has changed the business situation in the footwear industry. Various maneuvers were carried out by the industry from large to small scales to stay in existence until another change came.

The current survival mode in every footwear industry shows that the persistence to exist must be fought for various reasons. However, several things need to be considered when we are managing change as it is today, including;

First, keep being creative because creativity and ideas are the only ammunition like a fighter pilot equipped with bullets to bombard the enemy. Change must leave wisdom, and in a pandemic situation like today, we are all economic heroes. Maintaining production so that employees can continue to work is the entrepreneur's main mission, as the pilot's mission is to protect the area. With employees who continue to work for your business, ensure their safety and health are well guaranteed. It is better to move part of the production process to home (work form home). Change forces you to be creative. There must be a way out.

Second, being healthy is an obligation, but the business must continue. Maintaining health during this COVID-19 pandemic is a priority and essential. Maintaining the health of the environment and employees is the main obligation. Try to rearrange the pattern of distribution of work to employees. If necessary, it will be better to take turns going to work and keep production running by limiting the space for employees to move, so they are not at risk. Take preventive steps such as SOPs for hygiene and health monitoring.

Third, classify jobs. Classifying jobs helps employees stay safe by limiting excessive physical contact. Production management can be made with a delivery pattern to each person who has been assigned tasks in their respective homes. Use video call technology to monitor product quality and maintain communication.

Fourth, keep materials or products safe. Currently, imported materials may be a constraint. However, it is still good to ensure that the material needs can still be met even though it is too late due to covid19. Keep the goods that come in safe by sterilizing from the risk of viruses. It is also necessary to think about alternative sources of local materials other than imports. Communicate to the customer if you have to change the material because it will affect the price.

Fifth, strengthen and focus on online platforms. If your business uses online media, don't forget to do positive campaigns/promotions about products while showing more difference/value to customers, including providing more services during the pandemic. Share the latest series catalog via social media and create new offers to maintain brand awareness.

Sixth, donate and help each other. Donating doesn't have to be material, but your business commitment can also show that you can still share with others even though you're in survival mode.

Remember we are heroes for ourselves, Good luck!.

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