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“THE POWER OF MOMENTUM” BPIPI's Efforts to Encourage Innovation through Sustainable Organizational Transformation


Staff Tata Usaha



The momentum for the turn of 2021 has a special meaning for the BPIPI extended family. The replacement of the leadership baton from Mr. Heru Budi Susanto to Mr. Edi Suhendra left behind good achievements and performances to be continued. As a public service organization, the transformation that began in 2018 during the leadership of Mr. Heru Budi Susanto has made a lot of progressive progress, including improving a better organizational system, encouraging public service innovation as a form of organizational reform and fostering supporting human resources which continue to be the focus of improvement. . Challenges will continue in the new era of leadership BPIPI, under the direction of Mr. Edi Suhendra the organization will increasingly take on a role in the development of footwear SMEs and the transformation of public services.


Talking about BPIPI's momentum in the future and how the "the power of momentum" strategy is used as the main foundation for fostering local brands. footwear brands in Indonesia. There are two basis for decision making, namely (1) facilitation for local brands. local brands must be based on the right time above needs and not mere desires, (2) facilitation for local brands. must be based on the existence of business opportunities to ensurescalling upIn short, the products of the IKM development policy must be sourced from these two instruments as also reflected in Government Regulation no. 29 of 2018 concerning Industrial Empowerment.


The title if interpreted freely is more or less "the power of a momentum". We want to take some of the meaning of the title as a strategy for developing IKM, especially the footwear sector. We are all aware that it is important to gain momentum to leverage the success of a mission for individuals, communities and businesses. In the big Indonesian dictionary, there are two general meanings of momentum, namely (1) the right moment and (2) the opportunity. Returning to the title above, the power of momentum will benefit the success of a mission with two main indicators, namely the right time and new opportunities to move forward.


With the breakthroughs and innovations of policy makers, we can offer many products and services as a form of facilitation to local brands.For those who have long been involved in the development of small and medium industries, they must be very familiar with the dynamics and scope faced by business actors in the field. However, sometimes the existing dynamics cannot be accommodated by stakeholders due to many administrative factors and reasons. Based on this practice, we can see that there are still gaps that are not fully connected between the product and service schemes resulting from government policies and the real needs faced by industry, especially footwear. 


The current transition period, where the impact of the covid pandemic is still ongoing, erodes purchasing power and weakens business foundations. Every business organization must prepare the best formula to take advantage of this momentum while overtaking global competitors for footwear brands in the domestic market. With a positive mind set  in this pandemic period, phenomena are part of the momentum to make a business leap. In a time where it is rare for fellow local brands. to collaborate with new product launches, it has now become the main strategy


Returning to the two basic policy instruments for developing SMIs, namely (1) IKM facilitation must be based on the right time above needs and not desires, (2) IKM facilitation must be based on the opportunity for IKM to be sure to advance to class. For the first instrument, policy products for SMEs must be flexible when needed and can be executed in the field without violating the existing regulatory principles. Sample case; every IKM needs the intervention of working capital/investment schemes, promotion and market access to increase production capacity. However, with the unique character and business cycle of SMIs, this policy intervention must really impact expanding the level of business. That's where the policy of developing IKM can be very effective in responding to the needs of industry players. Like medicine when you are sick, the patient's disease is able to detect accurately by giving drugs with minimal side effects.


The second instrument is that facilities for IKM from the government must be able to ensure that industrial players can advance to class. Opportunities do not have to be in the form of positive momentum, such as increasing export market share, rising exchange rates, and several other economic instruments; opportunities can also be in crises such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to see every opportunity as an adaptive step to survive during a pandemic is the best thing that can be done right now. So that every breakthrough, policy innovation that is currently being launched must be able to see in detail what business needs really if given can have an impact on business resilience that is getting stronger. For example, currently there are many local footwear brands requires a strong online platform, efficient digital promotion media and low absorption of market products, so government policy interventions must facilitate the need for cheap digital infrastructure so that business actors can immediately feel it.


It is true, the complexity of developing IKM is not as easy as it is written in many media, journals and articles. IKM coaches understand very well how unique and intractable it is to accompany footwear business actors from beginning to success and provide benefits to the community, maybe even many failures. The great hope of the local footwear industry, with government intervention, is to have strong endurance during the COVID-19 pandemic and be able to rebuild. Besides that, there must also be opportunities, opportunities and wisdom behind every event. Many great events so far have taught us that great opportunities and opportunities arise when difficulties arise. Congratulations on finding new opportunities to be more advanced. Salam Sepatu | Semangat – Cepat – Jitu.

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