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“Sneakers” Shoes Raise Prestige

Head of the Center for the Study of the Shoe Industry - BPIPI of the Republic of Indonesia, Heru Budi Susanto said, "Currently the shoes that shoe consumers most hunt are sneakers or sneakers. Enthusiasts for sneakers have increased in the range of 50 to 70% since the last four years.

Consumers like it because of the many slick collaborations between shoe brands and famous people, thus keeping the trend of these shoes maintained, simple, comfortable, casual and stylist can be used in all activities or multifunctional, the development is up to date, hunted by sneaker collectors

The price range for sneakers is very diverse, from the cheapest 300 thousand, up to 30 million. Sneakers are trendy among young people at the age of 14-30 years, and are also in demand by parents or middle-aged people aged 40-60 years.

“Sneaker enthusiasts range from the lower to the upper middle class. Currently, sneakers do not only function as footwear, but also as a means of hoisting or increasing prestige," he explained.

He said that for a price range of up to tens of millions, it is proof that sneakers are used as an instrument to raise social status, because they are multifunctional, both men and women love sneakers.

Sneakers are considered comfortable shoes and always “Eye-catching” with any clothing style. This is the reason why young people really like to wear sneakers.

In addition, sneakers can also be adapted to any activity so you don't need a lot of shoes for various activities. Young people are now benefiting from the current choice of sneakers that are not only functional, but also stylish.

Manufacturers usually produce sneakers in large enough quantities. However, because the trend shows a fairly positive development from year to year, the shoe IKM has also penetrated into the production of sneakers.

Even now local sneakers have managed to break through the market gap between the current global brand dominance. Call it Nah Project, Saint Barkley, Men's Republic, Pijakbumi, Word Division, Brodo, Forever Young Crew, and Geoff Max.

Today's shoes function as footwear and have become a fashion trend for most people. Especially with the rapid development of shoes with eye-catching and attractive models.

He said, basically the tendency of consumers to choose shoes is more to exclusive and contemporary designs. Sneakers that are currently trending, namely “dad sneakers” or “chunky sneakers” are synonymous with thick soles and a “chunky” silhouette.

Heru revealed that more female consumers have shoes because women usually match their appearance. Women will use different shoes according to their activities.

For example, when attending an official event or party, the shoes used will differ from those on vacation. In addition, women will mix and match all the accessories they wear with the right shoes. For example, by matching colors between clothes, bags and so on.

Now local products are not inferior to foreign ones. In fact, many local brands have stolen the international market, such as Pierro, Tomkins,, Carvil, Geoff Max, Some Are Thieves, Edward Forrer, Txture, and many national brands internationally recognized. This proves that the quality of local shoes is no less competitive with products from abroad.

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