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Running a business in survival mode during a pandemic

alfiyan darojat

Staff Tata Usaha

Currently, the economic conditions are not encouraging for many people. Starting from the state, companies, households, markets, and even vegetable growers experience the same thing. Almost everyone is doing the same thing, namely how to survive in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Local footwear brands experienced the same thing. Sales performance, which fell by 70% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forced the footwear industry to decline. The impact could be on the fate of thousands of workers who depend on this footwear sector. Starting from the leather industry, textile materials, accessories, and other supporting materials were directly affected by the declining performance of the footwear industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has almost attacked the important joints of the economy, from distribution, and production to even markets and in almost all sectors, has made us rethink how we can carry out an adaptation strategy well. Surviving during the current crisis is a must. Providing mutual support to the local footwear industry to keep producing is an essential contribution for anyone in dealing with an uncertain situation.

This survival mode can be lived well if we support each other local businesses so that the wheels of the economy continue to run. So the first thing you can do is always think positively (stay cool – don't stress – keep positive). It is important to keep yourself calm and alert. Calmness will help increase endurance, including your business endurance.

Second, focus on business cash flow (stay in cash). Keeping money means keeping the blood of your business afloat in uncertainty. For the time being the covid19 pandemic, it is better to ensure and keep production running for at least the next three months, the wages of labor/handymen can still be paid, including maintaining trust with vendors and customers. Remember, all businesses go through the same thing, so stay grateful as long as you can survive.

Third, keep in touch – negotiate it. Maintaining quality communication with vendors, partners and customers is important in the current situation. There may be production delays due to limited raw materials and delivery. If possible, ask the vendor for a price cut and hold off on paying indirect costs. Communication becomes important when conditions are uncertain, do not communicate only during normal times.

Fourth, cut costs – stay safe. This is a plural choice for you to keep your business blood flowing even in an unhealthy condition. It is very important to reduce non-essential costs. At times like this prioritize urgent plans to keep getting additional income. This is where it is important for every entrepreneur to understand when to change the expansion mode to survival mode.

Fifth, Lead your team. Uncertain conditions make it easy to spread information that is not necessarily valid (hoax). So it is important to keep employees psychologically productive and positive so that they are not affected by hoaxes circulating. Now is the right time to increase communication and share information with other businesses to get inspiration while increasing business resilience during survival mode.

Sixth, Stay local – support local businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an opportunity for us to build an industrial supply chain with local products. In the spirit of joining hands and helping each other, buying and using local products will be very helpful in this survival mode. We all help employees stay productive and receive wages when many workers are at home by buying and using local products.

Good Luck

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