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BPIPI Collaboration in Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination of Ex-Leprosy Patients in Singkawang City

In connection with the implementation of the 2019 Small and Medium Industry Growth and Development Program, the Indonesian Shoe Industry Development Center, the Directorate General of Small Medium and Multifarious Industries of the Ministry of Industry will carry out Technical Guidance (Bimtek) activities in the footwear sector at the footwear IKM center. The central technical guidance is carried out so that the provision of knowledge can focus more on what is needed by the IKM in the central location to be able to solve the obstacles or problems faced by the central IKM.

There is a strong stigma and discrimination for ex-leprosy patients in Singkawang City, BPIPI collaborates with RSK Alverno, Bekraf IKKON alumni, and the Singkawang City Government to eliminate the issue. BPIPI, according to its main function, provides training and technical consultation for ex-leprosy patients according to their conditions and abilities. Singkawang City Government as a policymaker and as the main market for products produced by ex-leprosy patients. RSK Alverno as a place provider, collects ex-leprosy patients from those who are isolated. All of the above activities are assisted in branding and development by Bekraf IKKON alumni.

Technical guidance opened by the deputy mayor of Singkawang

The regional center IKM technical guidance was held in May 2019. For five days, from 19 May 2019 to 25 May 2019. 20 participants consisting of ex-leprosy patients, several leprosy homes and a local IKM were trained to make formal shoes and sandals hotel. Their footwear products will later be distributed to government offices. And for hotel slippers distributed in hotels around Singkawang City

Ex-Leprosy Patients learn to sew using patterned paper.

In training 20 participants, three BPIPI instructors were assisted by one of the BPIPI training alumni who had been trained intensively for the previous two weeks at BPIPI.

Sepatu dan sandal hotel hasil bimbingan teknis

At the IKM Sentra technical guidance in Singkawang. Together, we can eliminate stigma and discrimination against ex-leprosy patients. Even though they are in limitations, imperfections do not mean they lose the motivation to continue growing. They too, can continue to work because the will and support from around give new strength to all of us.

Currently, they have a brand called Tangkas. They have produced formal shoes for sisters and government employees. In addition, they are developing an eco-print for the next product development.

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