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Kick-off IBT 2020

Talkshow :

Local Pride

by BPIPI Kemenperin RI
Saturday, February 01, 2020
14.00 - 15.30 WIB
Panggung Inspirasi Pesta Wirausaha TDA Jatim
Atrium Surabaya Town Square
Speaker :
1. Heru Budi Susanto - Kepala BPIPI (Balai Pengembangan Industri Persepatuan Indonesia)
2. dr. Tirta - CEO Shoes and Care, CMO, Solevacation
3. Presentasi Program Inkubator Bisnis Teknologi Alas Kaki 2020

The open talkshow with the topic "Local Pride" talks about Local Potential in terms of products to current Indonesian brands, how the developments and trends of the local creative industry, especially the footwear sector, the promising opportunities in this sector in the future, to the roles and facilities provided government in its programs that can support the growth and development of new and sustainable entrepreneurs in the footwear/leather product sector.
This activity is also a kick-off for the BPIPI Footwear Technology Business Incubator program, which is open for registration again for 2020. The Footwear Technology Business Incubator is open to new ideas and existing businesses. This Business Incubator aims to develop a business through the facilities provided, such as business assistance from easy registration of trademark rights, business mentoring, production capital, and monitoring for selected and eligible tenants.

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