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IKM Center Activities (Technical Guidance on Footwear Production Technology) @ Yogyakarta City, 01 to 05 July 2019

In the context of developing the National Footwear IKM center and providing services for improving Human Resources (HR) of the Footwear IKM through the Footwear IKM training facility, the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center (BPIPI), the Directorate General of IKMA, Ministry of Industry organizes Technical Guidance on Footwear Production Technology which is located at the Yogyakarta City Learning Activity Center (SKB) and the UPTD of the Industry Service in Bantul which will be held from 1-5 July 2019.

This activity was attended by participants from the Yogyakarta City Learning Activity Center (SKB), Social Footwear Academy (SFA), and several alumni of BPIPI training participants in the Yogyakarta area who wanted to explore skills in the shoe sector. This Footwear Production Technology Technical Guidance activity was attended by the Head of the Non-Formal Education Division of the Education Office, the Head of the Yogyakarta City Learning Activity Center (SKB), and the Head of the Social Footwear Academy (SFA), and the Head of BPIPI.

Before the technical guidance activities began, an opening activity was carried out, which started with explaining the various services available at BPIPI by the Head of BPIPI, Heru Budi Susanto, especially regarding training activities or technical guidance for footwear SMEs.

This activity was opened by Drs. Sugeng Mulyo Subono, Head of the Non-Formal Education Division of the Yogyakarta City Education Office, he appreciated the activities organized by BPIPI because this technical guidance activity can provide provisions and improve the skills of students who have been studying at the Learning Activity Center (SKB), especially so that after the technical guidance activity ends, they can directly apply the footwear they have learned accordingly. And for footwear SMEs to absorb more of the knowledge taught by BPIPI instructors.

Likewise the shoe community, such as the Social Footwear Academy (SFA) who also participated in the BPIPI technical guidance activity as one of its missions to advance the shoe industry in the region for young people who have creativity and desire to be entrepreneurial in the footwear sector, especially the Yogyakarta and Central Java areas. . For this reason, further training activities from BPIPI will always be awaited in Yogyakarta and the Education Office as well as the Industry Service is ready to provide support for the progress of the National footwear industry, of course.

For three days (July 1-3, 2019), material activities were held at the Learning Activity Center (SKB) in Yogyakarta City. The material is filled with Footwear Production Technology up to the shoe last practice stage on the first day.

The instructors taught practical materials for making basic patterns and breaking shoe upper patterns on the second day.

The materials for breaking patterns (continued) and cutting materials were taught on the third day.

On the fourth and fifth days, the practice of shoe assembly, assembling, and finishing was carried out at the UPTD of the Industry Service in Bantul, Yogyakarta, which has supporting equipment for making shoes. Participants can practice directly making shoes with the available equipment.

During the technical guidance activities, participants participated in the whole activity enthusiastically, from pattern making to finishing. And these participants wanted further guidance on technology, both in BPIPI and Yogyakarta.

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