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The work of the BPIPI Team Selected as a Candidate in 111 Indonesian Innovations – 2019

Business Innovation Center (BIC) congratulates Mr. Heru Budi Susanto from the Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Center (BPIPI) for the selection of innovation works in the “111 Inovasi Indonesia – 2019”election. As started in last year's edition, the annual issue of “100+ Inovasi Indonesia” is presented only in e-book (paperless) on the BIC website:

The innovation work entitled “Inovasi Kulit Jaket Samak Nabati sebagai Upaya Pengurangan Pencemaran Limbah B3 pada Ligkungan” is the original work of researchers and or innovators who are within the scope of authority of BPIPI. The work has been selected for this "111 Inovasi Indonesia-2019″ BIC has developed a more intensive review and feedback process on proposals submitted by BPIPI to determine the category of proposals selected as "candidate" and published as “THE CHALLENGERS 111 Inovasi Indonesia – 2019″ before the judging.

With this achievement, the BPIPI team has become part of 1,235 Prospective Indonesia's innovation works in the BIC innovation work database, and was immediately invited to become a tenant of the e-Incubator BIC” and gain special access so that they can promote and update BPIPI's work directly on the website. BIC database. BPIPI was invited again by BIC to participate in the election of “112 Inovasi Indonesia-2020” which will start soon. Because more and more BPIPI works are selected in “100+ Inovasi Indonesia”the greater the benefits of e-Incubator BIC” for BPIPI.

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